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Scioto Township

PO Box 40

Commercial Point, OH 43116



Jim McCoskey

Zoning Inspector

Scioto Township, Pickaway Co.

6752 SR 762

Commercial Point, OH  43116


614.877.4952 f





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Zoning Commission time change:

Regulary scheduled meetings for the Zoning Commission will begin at 7pm during the months of January-March.






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 Zoning office hours:

Wednesdays 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Thursdays 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

For questions or to schedule an appointment please call (614) 877-4452

Township Meeting Day and Times:

1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m.







Scioto Township Trustees maintains two cemeteries located in the township: Presbyterian Church Cemetery and Beckett Cemetery.

Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located on Walker Road 0.6 miles south of State Route 762.  According to the “Muhlenberg and Scioto Townships Cemetery Inventories” published by the Pickaway County Historical Society, John Mundell and his wife Janett (McIntosh) Mundell sold two acres of their 524 acres of forest land to the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church on which a meeting house was built and the remainder was used for a burying ground. The first burial was in 1835.


Beckett Cemetery is approximately 8 acres and is the only cemetery that continues to do interments by the Scioto Township Trustees. It is located on Borror Road and is  in the incorporated part of the Village of Commercial Point. There are approximately 1,130 recorded burials of which approximately 135 have served in the military.


If you are interested in purchasing cemetery lots at Beckett Cemetery please contact the Township Office at (614) 877-4452 to set up an appointment. 



Cemetery Fees

Please click the link above for pricing on burials, cremation burials, and cemetery lots.

Cemetery Rules



Opens at dawn- Closes at dusk. 

All caskets must be in either a concrete or steel vault.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  No alcohol permitted.  Not responsible for theft.

All interments (full burial and cremations) shall be paid in full by the funeral director prior to burial.

Scioto Township does not allow Green burials.  All interments must be with a casket and vault.

Cemetery Upkeep:

All mowing and trimming will be done by township personnel only.  All graves will be seeded over by the township.

Planting of flowers will be limited- 12 inches from foot of monument, not to exceed width of monument.  Planting behind or to the side of the headstone is not permitted.  Where no monument exists, planting shall be limited to 12 inches at the head of the grave not to exceed width of one grave.

No bushes; rose bushes; trees; spikes; glass; fence; stuffed animals; cement; ceramic or glass angels or figurines, etc. will be allowed at any time.

All artificial decorations must be securely fastened to the ground.  No shepherd hooks.  Candles and lamps must be within 6 inches of the headstone.

All graves will be completely cleaned of all flowers, decorations, etc. on March 1st and November 1st annually (or the Monday following if the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday).

Any item found not to be in compliance will be removed and subject to disposal.


All monuments must be on a foundation.  Footers for monuments will be poured only twice annually- once in the Spring and once in the Fall (for Spring, order by April 1; for Fall, order by September 1).  Ground must settle at least 6 months from burial to be able to pour monument footer     Footers for veterans’ markers will not be poured until one full year has passed to allow for settling of the grave.

The Township must be notified when the veteran’s marker is received if it will be used as a headstone.

Cement depth must be 34”.  There must be a 2” apron around the stone.  Concrete must cure at least 48 hours before setting the stone.

By order of the Scioto Township Trustees.

Rev. 09/14, Resolution 14-105